The Financial Reset Course

The Financial Reset Course


So much of what we do is dictated by our financial position or our ability to get money, yet talking about money is still very much so taboo. The science of money and the decisions we make are talked about even less but are the keys to unlocking financial abundance.

Do the following statements sound like you?

  • I will never have enough money to go on holiday with my friends
  • I am always going into my overdraft, I can't see to stay out of the red!
  • I am working really hard to have more money, but I just don't seem to ever have enough
  • Talking about money makes me feel uncomfortable
  • I am terrified of credit cards, I fear I will accumulate a lot of debt
  • There is no point in creating a financial plan, I will never have enough money
  • I will never pay off my debts and it's crippling me
  • I dream of buying a home, but cannot see this as a reality

If yes, this course has been designed with you in mind.

So many people, like you, have the responsibility of maintaining their own finances (and sometimes the finances of others) but have not been given the tools to manage their finances well. On top of the missing financial tools are the counterproductive money beliefs that you may have developed over the years.

Maybe you feel like, you just can't seem to stick to the new habits or can't seem to stop doing what you know is bad for you and your finances. If this is you, it is possible that you hold limiting money beliefs, and are not aware of how they are impacting your financial decisions.

The road to better finances includes attacking those poor money habits and the upskilling of the financial foundations, so you are supercharged to build wealth!


Many people have already completed this course and are enjoying life in a very different way to how they were before. People have gone one to:

  1. Reframe their money mindset and now approach their finances from a positive space

  2. Buy their first home after years of thinking they would never be able to

  3. Build savings of £25,000 after they have been stuck at £9,000 for years

  4. Build financial plans that tell them exactly when they will be able to afford that dream purchase

  5. Feel confident about their finances and started a business generating a second income stream

  6. Cleared their debts within 6 months, after believing it would take them 6 years

  7. Make passive income from sources that they didn't think possible


"You broke everything down and made it all made sense. Thank you so much for this evening! you made money far less daunting!" - Katie

"It was absolutely amazing!" - Ian

"My goals, visions, and values weren't aligned before working with MiOM... They far exceeded my expectations, above and beyond! I was about to find out the emotional connection behind my spending and dig deeper into that. They made me feel so comfortable and at ease to not feel embarrassed or scared about my finances!" - Natasha

"MiOM’s financial education course was easy to navigate and easy to understand. They made the modules a perfect length to digest – concise enough to hold my attention and long enough for me to understand the information provided." - Denise

This course will help you:

  • Challenge those unwanted limiting beliefs about money
  • Gain money confidence and feel better about making financial decisions
  • Guide you through the process of gaining clarity about your financial position
  • Give you the tools to build a financial plan that is aligned with your values and desires

As a result of this course, you will be armed with the skills, tools and reframed mindset to improve your wealth and achieve your financial goals.


The course has been structured as mini-workshops, guiding you through each activity as you take the steps to reset your finances. 

Module 1 - The Mental Groundwork

Learn what is going on in your head and how it is impacting what you do with your money. You will finish this module with strategies for reframing your view on money and how to maintain the new mindset.

Module 2 - Aligned Focus

By identifying your needs, wants, and values you can begin to align your financial decisions with those you really care about. The module will take you through the process of creating a vision and identifying the steps required to get there.

Module 3 - The Uncover

To start the financial overhaul process, we look at the current state of your finances - get clear and remove the overwhelm! During this module, we gain clarity on where we are and begin to build a plan to take you to where you want to be.

Module 4 – Financial Stability

After building a clear picture of the state of your finances in module 3, you are now ready to start building foundations that will support you as you improve your wealth. This module will provide information about protecting your family and estate and improving your wealth.

Module 5 – Creative Forward Thinking

Achieve your financial goals and do so in line with your values, so it feels right. Your goals are more likely to be achieved with a well thought out plan. This module shows you how to create a 12-month financial plan that will support you along your journey. 

Module  6 – On Supercharge

This module offers additional steps to guide you on boosting your finances. After laying the foundations down in earlier chapters, your finances should be in a positive position and with money left over every month. If you are close to breaking even or want to generate more money, here you are offered suggestions on making that a reality.

Module 7 – Continue the Journey

This final module provides additional resources to support you in continuing your finance journey


  • The course comes jammed packed with over 20 worksheets, calculators, checklists and summary documents.
  • Early notice about upcoming events
  • Email access support to finance experts
  • Discounted access to workshops
  • Lifetime access to course content


The course trainers are all financial experts within the finance industry with over 15 years of experience. All trainers have been delivering workshops and events and developed strategies and proven methodologies of teaching people.

NOTE: Course live June 2022

7 Modules

Module 1 - The Mental Groundwork

Module 2 - Aligned Focus

Module 3 - The Uncover

Module 4 – Financial Stability

Module 5 – Creative Forward Thinking

Module 6 – On Supercharge

Module 7 – Continue the Journey

Modules for this product 7
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