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Welcome to Mind Over Money!


Are you a tad lost when it comes to your personal finances? 

Do you lack money confidence?

Maybe you need help building a financial plan for the goals you have?

Or are limiting money beliefs and bad habits holding you back?

Well, first of all, you're not alone.

Only 1 in 7 people identify as being knowledgeable about financial matters.  47% of 25-34-year-olds show characteristics of potential vulnerability (inability to deal with external financial shocks)

Hmm.... that's almost 50%!

Unfortunately, it is very likely that you went to a school and did NOT learn about the world of money (well at least not enough to navigate the world as an adult!)

Yet, you've not been thrust into the world and expected to buy property, invest for retirement and manage your money like a pro!

And if you're thinking that being bad at maths is stopping you from handling your money better, you're wrong! Your mathematical ability has NOTHING to do with you winning financially! NOTHING!


Let's explain.

 To improve your financial skills, there must be:

1. The right financial information for you (the right information at the right time)

2. Access to this information (you didn't get access at school!)

3. The right attitude to take in what you're learning (feeling that you're able to learn)

Now with all the above considered, it makes sense that you may feel a little behind.

The content and courses contained here, are in support of you building financial confidence, accessing the tools to build wealth and tackle limiting money beliefs.

Have a browse today!

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